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Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant — anleihen & profil des unternehmens

Unternehmen Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant
Vollständiger Firmenname Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant
Rechtsform Offene Aktiengesellschaft
Land des Risikos Ukraine
Land der Eintragung Ukraine
Branche Maschinenbau
Website http://aodaz.com.ua/


Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant OJSC is a large machine-building enterprise with 75 years of experience in the production of aviation equipment, hydraulic equipment for mines and consumer goods. Founded in 1926, the enterprise has grown from workshops producing school equipment and piston rings for automobile engines into the largest manufacturer of more than 50 models of electric centrifugal pumps, with a capacity from 300 to 30,000 l / h, (for pumping liquids such as kerosene, gasoline), as well as 10 types of axial plunger pumps operating on mineral and synthetic oils, with a pressure of up to 250 kgf / cm2 (max 320 kgf / cm2) and other units used in military, civil aviation and other sectors of the national economy. Since 1948, the enterprise has been reconstructed to produce units for the aviation industry. New workshop buildings were built, modern equipment was installed, and DAZ OJSC became the head enterprise of the USSR Ministry of Aviation Industry for the production of hydraulic and fuel equipment. It still manufactures products for more than 60 types of military and civil aviation vehicles. The structure of the enterprise can be conditionally divided into three industries. The first production facility is engaged in the manufacture of high-pressure units and hydraulic equipment. It unites all the services and workshops that are necessary for the full technological cycle of manufacturing the most complex products: from the foundry, the workshop for chemical and thermal treatment of parts to the workshop for assembling finished products in dust and moisture controlled rooms and testing them on special stands. The second production produces a wide range of centrifugal pumps that have found their application in all aircraft produced in the CIS countries. The third production is the production of electric motors and consumer goods for various purposes (vacuum cleaners, electrical household tools, etc.). The plant is equipped with equipment from well-known companies from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, a significant part of which is CNC machining centers, which make it possible to manufacture complex parts from heat-resistant and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals. JSC DAZ has a developed electrical production, equipment for the manufacture of parts from plastics and rubbers, has sufficient galvanic and foundry capacities, has a tool production that produces high-quality tools for processing high-alloy, heat-resistant and stainless steels. In cooperation with the Scientific Research Institute "DONGIPROUGLEMASH" and in accordance with their design documentation, the enterprise has begun in 1994 the development of production of modern control hydroemulsion equipment for automated support of coal mines using aviation technologies. Production capacities and technological capabilities made it possible to expand the range of products and establish cooperation with such large enterprises of Ukraine as: "Motor Sich", "Zavod im. Malysheva ”,“ Ukrzaliznytsia ”and others. For more than 40 years JSC DAZ has remained the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of vacuum cleaners of the famous Raketa trademark. Improving the quality and improving the consumer properties of its products, JSC DAZ has launched a series of new models of vacuum cleaners: "Raketa 30M", "Raketa 40", "Raketa 35" and "Raketa 45" - which are now successfully finding their consumers. We are open to cooperation with everyone who, like us, strives for the development and prosperity of Ukraine.

Ausstehendes Anleihenvolumen

Währung Ausstehende Anleihen Kumulatives Volumen
UAH 1 57 000 000


Wertpapier Volumen, Mio. Status
Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant, 2-D 57 UAH Ausstehend
Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant, 1-B 5 UAH Zurückgezahlt
Dnepropetrovskij aggregate plant, 1-A 2 UAH Zurückgezahlt
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