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Client reviews

Cbonds EM service is designed to be versatile, comprehensive and affordable. That’s why it has become a useful tool for portfolio management, market analysis and research and is appreciated both by corporate officers and private individuals. On this page, you can see the reviews from our clients from different fields of expertise.

We are always happy to hear the ideas and comments of our partners and guests. Please email to pmy@cbonds.info if you want to share your opinion on Cbonds services.

I read "Market News" and "New EM Eurobonds" every day and use "Bond Search" and "Quotes Search" as well and find the quality of the service and information excellent and very useful. I appreciate the discount for private investors, and I hope Cbonds will continue to offer reasonable terms, enabling private Investors to renew their memberships and enjoy this great service.

Andreas Gutschy, private investor, Thailand

Cbonds is an excellent platform covering an exhaustive content of information on CEE and EM bonds making it a must both for traders, market strategists, and research officers with an interest in this segment. The system is quite user friendly and there is clarity of content and exposition. The coverage is ever growing both in scope and back in time making the system a unique information vendor for these difficult to handle, information scarce and relatively illiquid markets.

Vilimir Yordanov, Research Associate, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

To be really honest we use Cbonds service for one purpose only (I’m pretty sure in the future we will use it for much more). It’s not because of any barriers which we see in the system, but because of time limits and characteristics of our operations. We check bond quotes to calculate different variables which we use in our valuation models.

Michal Mazurek, Financial Analyst, Asseco Poland, Poland

I have been investing in Emerging Markets for many years, mainly in fixed income. One of my constant frustrations was the lack of accurate, timely, continually-updated and easily accessible information on new issues and relevant market developments. Few banks, brokers and wealth managers could provide what I needed so when I discovered Cbonds I knew I had come across the right tool for me. I am pleased to be a subscriber and recommend the site to others.

Andrea Wine, Independent Director, private investor, Israel/Russia

I have a real estate company in Bogota, Colombia and work independently, means I have to invest money properly for the future. I want to retire soon, and Cbonds website has been a very helpful tool to invest my money better. I use a lot the bond quotes, that give an idea of prices and the new charter, tracking the price tendencies is very good. The bond description is also good, although I found some mistakes related to quantities of minimum denominations.

I hope one day Cbonds will be able to give real time bond prices in its services, rather than the price of the last trade of the day. I have used the website for two years now and like it very much. Bonds of Emerging Markets are a must in everyone’s portfolio nowadays and I hope Cbonds continues improving its information on the subject.

Vivian Glauser, business owner, private investor, Colombia

Cbonds EM Eurobonds helps me keep track of investments and quotes in Emerging Markets sovereign and corporate fixed income. It contains a load of information and is a breeze to use.

John, fixed income investing Analyst, Philippines

Exchange Data International is a data vendor and we are covering all fixed income markets worldwide. We cover reference data, corporate actions and prospectuses and have to go to several sources for one country to get the full data. I find it very customer-friendly to have just one place to gather the data from in Russia and other Emerging Markets. I work with a Russian speaker and she is comparing the data available on Cbonds with other public sources to verify the accuracy of the data. So far I am impressed by the data quality and the timely publishing of data on PRO-EM.

Kerstin Herbergs, Fixed Income Analyst – Data Quality, Exchange Data International Ltd., England

In 2004 when I was 21 years old my father, disappointed with the bank after the default of the Republic of Argentina in whose government bonds the bank have recommended him to invest in, decided to entrust me( as a geographer I was an expert of countries ) the task to manage the assets of my family.

I decided to create a self-made my own fund of investments in the field of sovereign state global bonds. My investments are focused only on sovereign state global bonds because, as a geographer, I can have a personal approach in this field of investments: this geographical approach leads me to upshots sometimes quite different from those of the economists.

At the beginning it was not easy for me to find information about government bonds of emerging countries especially those of smaller countries.

Luckily, after some years, I discover Cbonds website and, in the section EM Cbonds, I have found a complete database about emerging market’s government bonds. I really like the section Market News in which I can find daily a complete information about new issues, the section Country Snapshots where I can find a database about single countries, the service Watchlist where I can check daily the quotes of the bonds of my portfolio and the quotes of the bonds I want to buy. Very useful for me is also the section Bond Database where I can look for the issues of the country in which I want to invest in.

I wish the section Country Snapshots could, in the future, cover more countries especially more African and Latin American countries that have issued bonds, for the first time in their history, in the last year.

Marco Ripamonti, Geographer /Private portfolio manager

Since I subscribed to Cbonds, I got a lot of information of great value to my work. I manage a portfolio of investments in fixed income securities in Emerging Markets, particularly in Latin America. This site has allowed me to obtain benchmark prices, historical and comparative of the most important titles, if I might add something to the website that would be a comparison of country risk in Emerging Markets.

César Hulett, private investor, Venezuela

Cbonds was of great help to me as I developed my dissertation. To put up a database with information on the primary market of an OTC market was a challenge, and if it wasn't for the organized information I could find on Emerging Market Bonds available at Cbonds, there was a great chance I could not have put together a database as complete as I managed to do. I would definitely recommend Cbonds for research purpose, as I did carry several robustness tests on the information available, and realized the data to be trustable.

Bruna L.P., PhD student - Business - University of São Paulo, Brasil

My role requires me to perform research on securities that our Firm trades to determine the withholding tax / capital gains tax consequences. Prior to our introduction to the Cbonds service, I struggled to locate certain prospectuses internally, without any luck. Additionally, some of the prospectuses were issues in the language of the foreign issuer, not in English. Now, using Cbonds, I am able to locate a majority of the prospectuses from issuers that we had trouble locating previously – and Cbonds provides the prospectuses in English so no translation needed. This has helped to greatly enhance the quality of our tax analysis.

Michelle, Tax Specialist, United States

I have been managing my investments independently for quite a few years. I am using a local private banking service; however, in general the range of products on offer is quite restricted. I have found Cbonds to be an extremely useful tool in the search for opportunities, due to the large amount of valuable information they have available, which is continuously being updated. I have no doubt that I have fully optimized my private fixed income investments with Cbonds as well as reducing risk levels due to lack of information

Alvaro Vega Corbacho, private investor, Spain
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